Tournament Format & Awards

Non-Elite Division Teams (most teams in the tournament): Teams have been placed into brackets, or groupings, based on their team characteristics, including: each player’s gender, height, age, and playing experience. Teams will receive no fewer than three scheduled games. The tournament will begin with Pool Play within each bracket. Based on a team’s Pool Play record and other qualifying factors, including tiebreakers, teams may then advance to a seeded single elimination Championship Bracket on the tournament’s second day. The two teams advancing all the way through the Championship Bracket will compete for the Bracket Championship. Players on the Champion and Finalist teams in every bracket will get awards for their achievement.

Elite Division Teams: Elite Division Teams: In the Men’s and Women’s Elite Divisions, teams have been placed into gender specific brackets regardless of each player’s age, height or playing experience. Ultimately, through competing in the Championship Bracket and any additional playoffs, there will be a single team who’s the Champion in the Men’s Elite Division and a single team who’s the Champion in the Women’s Elite Division. The single Men’s Elite Division Champion team and the single Women’s Elite Division Champion team will each receive a cash prize totaling $1,000 per team as well as 16 suite tickets to a Trail Blazers preseason home game in the Moda Center.

All players on all teams must have photo ID or other proof of identity and age available at all times during the tournament.

Team Check-In 

Teams will NOT be required to check-in at the Tournament Information tent before their first game. Simply go straight to your assigned playing court for your first game. Your team can then drop by the Tournament Information tent anytime during the weekend to pick up your player packets and T-shirts.

Roster Changes

You may log back into your registration account any time before the final registration deadline on Saturday, July 20 to update or change player information. To do this, simply click on the pencil icon next to the player you wish to edit.

After the registration deadline on July 20 and through 6pm on July 26, player adds/changes must be made through the Player Change Request Form and will incur a $20 fee. Player change requests will only be accepted if they do not affect the team’s placement in a bracket. In other words, the substituted player must be of the same age, height, and experience level as the player being replaced. An added player must meet the same requirements as a replacement player. Tournament officials have the right to reject any player change requests made after the registration deadline. You will be notified if your player change or player addition request has been denied.

At 6 pm on Friday, July 26, rosters will be locked and you may no longer add or replace players. Keep this in mind if you have a registered player who can’t attend the tournament. If you only have three rostered players and one of your players is injured and isn’t able to continue playing, resulting in only two eligible players and a disqualification from the tournament.

Game Schedule/Court Location 

View your team’s schedule and court location.

Mobile App

To get your team’s schedule and more, right in the palm of your hand, download the Team Tracker Mobile App for Rip City 3-on-3. Whether you are a player or spectator, our new mobile app will make navigating the tournament simpler than ever by giving you real-time access to game schedules, results, court locations, site map, schedule of activities, and important announcements.
Download the Team Tracker Mobile App

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Parking is $10 ($15 in Annex Garage) and $15 for in and out privileges each day.

Food & Beverage

With temperatures expected to be in the 80’s all weekend, there will be beverages available for purchase in addition to local food vendors offering a variety of dining options.  Food vendors include, but are not limited to:

Coffee Bus, El Taco Yucateco, McMinnville Sno, Boblastic, Montage, Kama’aina Hawaiian, Taco King, and Krispy Kreme

Special Activities

Toyota Youth Skills Challenge:

Toyota Youth Skills Challenge – Toyota Youth Skills Challenge is a timed basketball obstacle course that includes dribbling, passing and shooting stations open to kids 8th grade and under. Qualification rounds take place at certain times at the Rip City Academy Court. Click here to view.

Rip City Academy 3-Point Shootout:

Test your shooting against the best shooters in Portland! Start in one corner and move from station to station around the 3-point arc until you reach the other corner in a timed contest. Brackets are separated into ages 13-17 and 18+. Qualifications rounds take place Saturday. Finals take place Sunday afternoon. Click here to view.

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest:

Don’t miss the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on Sunday, July 28th at 1:00 PM. Bring your monster hops and maybe you’ll be crowned the Rip City 3-on-3 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Champion. Pre-register at the Contest Sign Up tent. Walk-ups are allowed.

Nike Youth Basketball Clinic:

Fun and skilled basketball instructional clinics for young fans at Rip City 3-on-3. These clinics will be consisted of 30 minutes of basketball instruction led by Trail Blazers youth basketball coaches for youth ages 7-14. Sign up and participate at the Rip City Academy Court.

Positive Coaching Alliance Chalk Talks:

Throughout the weekend, join the Positive Coaching Alliance at the Rip City Academy Court to participate in the fun and engaging chalk talks. These talks are intended for parents, coaches and volunteers to learn how you can be a positive support system in your young athlete’s life!


Co-ed teams must have one male participant and one female participant on the court at all times. Any team containing both male and female players must register as a co-ed team. Co-ed teams can register in any division except for the Elite Division. If specific co-ed teams cannot be fairly placed into pure co-ed brackets, we will place these teams in the most appropriate all-male brackets. Co-ed teams placed in male brackets will not be required to have players of both sexes on the court at all times.


Player height, especially that of the tallest player on a team, is important in determining how a team will be placed in a bracket. It is extremely important that each player’s height is represented accurately on the team’s registration. If a player’s actual height differs from what they indicated on their registration, they may be disqualified from the tournament at the discretion of tournament officials.


All teams will be bracketed taking into account each player’s age. Teams must enter the appropriate division based on the age of their oldest player. Please provide accurate ages for each player and we will ensure that they are matched up as fairly as possible with other teams. For instance, while the Teen Division is for ages 13-19, we will not place a team whose players are 13 and 14 years old against a team with players who are 15 and 16.

Court Sizes & Specs

Please note that all ages (except Lay Ups Division – Ages 5-8) now play on 10’ basket height.

Adult/Teen Court (ages 13 and above)

Court size: 31′ deep x 50′ wide
Basket height: 10′
Free throw line: 15′
2-point arc: 19′

Men’s Game Ball: 29.5” (full size)
Women’s Game Ball: 28.5” (intermediate size)

Senior Youth Court (ages 10-12)

Court size: 28′ deep x 42′ wide
Basket height: 10′
Free throw line: 15′
2-point arc: 16′

Game Ball: 28.5” (intermediate size)

Junior Youth Court (ages 8-9)

Court size: 28′ deep x 42′ wide
Basket height: 10′
Free throw line: 10′
2-point arc: 16′

Game Ball: 28.5” (intermediate size)

Lay Ups Court (ages 5-8)

Court size: 28′ deep x 42′ wide
Basket height: 8′
Free throw line: 10′
2-point arc: 13′

Game Ball: 27.5” (youth size)

(Actual court sizes may vary slightly due to site conditions.)