The 2018 Rip City 3-on-3 will be held on July 28 & 29.


Each team is allowed up to four registered players and must have a minimum of three.


Once tournament play has begun, rosters will be locked and you may no longer add or replace players. Keep this in mind if you only have three players on your roster as a serious injury to one of your players could force your team to withdraw from the tournament.

You may log back into your registration account anytime before the final registration deadline on July 19, 2017 to update or change player information. To do this, simply click on the pencil icon next to the player you wish to edit. After the registration deadline, player add/changes must be made through the Player Change Request Form and will incur a $20 fee. Any player changes requested after this time must be made in person at the Rip City 3-on-3 Information Tent from 7-8am on Saturday, July 28,2018. Player change requests will only be accepted if they do not affect the team’s placement in a bracket. In other words, a player being added to a team after the deadline must be of the same age, height, and experience level as the player being replaced. Tournament officials have the right to reject any player change requests made after the registration deadline. You will be notified if your player change request has been denied.

All teams will have at least three scheduled games. Your team may play more games based on pool size and qualification for playoffs. 


View your Game Schedule here.


No. Unless specifically directed to move to a different court by tournament officials, your team will play all games on the same court.


An email will be sent out to the team organizer immediately upon completing the registration process. If you complete the payment process and do not receive a receipt email, please check your Junk email folder. If you do not see it, please contact us.

Player Change Form


No. In order for the registration to be submitted and processed, the payment step must be completed successfully. Upon successful completion of the payment, a receipt will be sent to the email address provided. This receipt is your team’s confirmation of registration.


No. You can build your team however you like. Keep in mind, however, that it may not be possible to bracket teams with very diverse player characteristics against other teams of similar makeup. Teams are required to register for the division matching the age of their oldest player. For example, a team with three 19 yr. olds and a 20 yr. old will register in the Adult Division.


While we do allow individuals to play on more than one team, we cannot control game schedules to guard against scheduling conflicts. Individuals playing on multiple teams could have multiple games scheduled at the same time.


Yes. Keep in mind, however, that co-ed teams must have members of the opposite sex on the court at all times. Therefore, on a team with three males and one female, the female would have to play the entire time at each game with no rest. If this female would become injured or otherwise unable to play, then the entire team would be disqualified.

If specific co-ed teams cannot be fairly placed into pure co-ed brackets, we will place these teams in the most appropriate all-male brackets. Co-ed teams placed in male brackets will not be required to have players of both sexes on the court at all times.

Co-ed teams are not allowed in the Elite Division.


No. All ages will play on a full 10’ hoop.


While some teams elect to recruit team sponsors to help cover the cost of registration, this is solely the responsibility of the team, as Rip City 3-on-3 does not recruit or provide individual team sponsors.


The Elite Division consists of separate men’s and women’s sub-divisions. The Elite Division is designed to attract the most competitive and talented teams from this region and beyond. The level of play in the Elite Division is expected to be very high. Teams entering the Elite Division will be placed regardless of player heights, ages, and experience. Teams looking for a less serious, more recreational experience should enter the non-elite division appropriate for their players’ ages.

Yes. All men’s elite teams will be placed into the same competitive division regardless of player heights.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Elite Division Champions will win a $1,000 and a suite to a 2018 Trail Blazers Pre-season game. All Bracket Champions will receive a Rip City 3-on-3 Commemorative Medal.